Marina  Abramovic. The Cleaner

Marina Abramovic. The Cleaner

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There is a state of luminosity. Only when you exhaust your own energy can it enter. The similarity between human rituals and performance art: it’s transformative. Sometimes my question is: “How is this art”
 Marina Abramović, 2016
Marina Abramović is one of the best-known, most controversial and most influential figures in contemporary art, the “priestess” and “matriarch” of performance art. She has made the public aware of an art form that exists in the “here and now,” drawing on the energies that are created between people and between objects.
The catalogue Marina Abramović The Cleaner, which Marsilio is publishing on the occasion of the retrospective of her work staged at Palazzo Strozzi from September 21, 2018 to January 20, 2019, is an extraordinary survey of her activity (paintings, videos, objects, projects). The fruit of direct collaboration with the artist and comprising over 100 works, dating from between the sixties and the present day, it presents an overview of the most famous stages in her career, as well as an introduction to the less well-known production of the early days.
Essays by: Arturo Galansino, Lena Essling, Tine Colstrup, Adrian Heathfield, Marina Abramović, Bojana Pejić and Devin Zuber.
The catalogue concludes with an ample biography and a selected bibliography.