The Drama Machine

photography by Sergey Sapoznhnikov
a cura di

pp 128 con 81 ill. a col. e b/n, 1° ed.

The photographs by one of the emerging artists of the vibrant Russian scene.

Russian photographer Sergey Sapozhnikov takes as his topic and inspiration a landmark building of Russian Constructivism, the Drama Theatre in Rostov-on-Don. Designed by architects Vladimir Shchuko and Vladimir Gelfreikh in 1930, it’s an iconic work built in the impressive shape of a tractor.

Like several other buildings from the period it underwent various transformations and only recently poor restoration works. In this sense it stands as the example of an heritage from Soviet times that nowadays is asking for a renewed attention.

Sapozhnikov’s work offers an unusual insight of the structure as his expressionist gaze moves around a constructed scene, reminiscent of a theatrical space and responding to the looming shape of this falling giant.