Verona - amor (inglese)

Verona - amor (inglese)

1° ed.
Era expelled Eros from the Olympus.
He wandered for centuries around the world, until he came to a halt in Italy, forgotten by everyone. The world didn't believe anymore in the love of which he was the carrier.
But now the time has come, Eros should go back, men are demanding his presence. But he will not offer his services for free after being neglected by men for centuries!
Quite touchy, this Cupid. He is challenging you: will you be able to find the bow and the magic arrows that he has hidden in Verona?
The city which has carried the influences of these objects for centuries, and because of that has earned the epithet of "city of lovers", is disseminated with proof, which has been created by the god of love throughout the centuries; only the worthy will be able to find Eros's instruments.

Francesco Mazzai, born in Verona on May 22, 1983, studied Tourism at the University of Padua, Ferrara and Granada. A great enthusiast of history, the arts and pop culture, this is his first publication


nato a Verona il 22 maggio 1983, ha studiato Scienze del Turismo presso le università di Padova, Ferrara e Granada. Da sempre appassionato di storia, arte e cultura popolare, è alla prima pubblicazione.