Theatrum Orbis MMXVII

pp. 208 con 120 ill. a col. e 19 b/n, 1° ed.
Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, better known as Theatrum Orbis, is the name of a famous atlas that was published by Abraham Ortelius in Antwerp in 1570. The world was then represented by a theater, which in those days didn’t refer just to a stage.
It is in the same spirit, i.e. the assembly and comparison of different and at first sight contrasting experiences, that these artists have been chosen to represent the Russian Federation at the 2017 Venice Biennale.
Grisha Bruskin, Recycle Group, Sasha Pirogova and Dmitri Kurlyandski belong to different generations, have different backgrounds and take different approaches to art. But together they reflect at present a picture of Russian contemporary art made up of a myriad facets and details.